It's been a few days since I wrote here, but I'm still going with this. I've just been so busy that I forgot to update.

Around 3 am today, I woke up with a feeling that something horrible was happening or would happen. When I called my sister (at 4 am local, I know that's bad!) she said she had just woken up with a similar feeling and immediately checked on her kids. Everyone was fine there and at my house, but I still can't shake the feeling of something horrific happening.

Last night, I found a cowl pattern that's really easy, so I want to make one. I never have, before. The problem is that I don't have and can't afford yarn with a weight of seven. I have a few skeins of six, though. I guess they'll have to do.

I'm actually angry with myself for not having made anything in the five days that this year has existed. I don't want to be as lazy or self-apologetic as I was last year. I want to use all of my yarn and make more tile coasters and everything else I can think of.


What I learned today: There is a browser extension that donates to charities for every time I browse the internet.
Who I complimented today: My Nana, for her crochet and knitting work. She makes blankets for people at her church.
French fluency: 52%
Goals for 2017
Finish writing my novel
Compliment at least one person a day
Become fluent in French
Learn a third language
Don't spend so much money
Organize the apartment
Find a gateway book for my son.
Learn something new every day.


What I learned today: Nous and on both mean 'we' in French.
Who I complimented today: My son. I told him I'm proud of him for always striving to make other people feel better about themselves.
French fluency: 50%



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